The Stretch range just keeps growing!

Some of the most popular anal sex toys at Esmale are the Stretch range with many of our loyal customers working their way up from the entry level Stretch No. 1 7 inch dildo  to the monstrous double ended Stretch No. 77 24.5 inch behemoth!

Check out our earlier blogpost detailing some of our most iconic Stretch dildos. We can now add to that illustrious list with the brand new Stretch inflatable dildo range that aims to take things to a whole new level! Here are the highlights…

Stretch No.3 Solid Inflatable Dildo

The entry level dildo in the inflatable range starts off at *just* 20cm long and 4.5cm wide but inflates up to DOUBLE its initial size! All the Stretch inflatable range are made of thick durable red latex and that are and moulded with a realistic veined shaft and defined head. The solid foam inner core allows for easy insertion whilst the hand pump with quick release valve allows for a quick and easy deflation!

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Stretch No.4 Solid Inflatable Dildo 

Our next sized up Stretch inflatable anal dildo starts off at a meatier 22cm long and is 5.5cm wide. Of-course, it inflates up to double this initial size which will more than fill most!

Buy Stretch No.4 Solid Inflatable Dildo here.

Stretch No.5X Solid Inflatable Dildo

The Stretch No.5X is where things start going crazy measuring in at an impressive 31cm in length and 6cm in width before inflating up to double this initial size!

Buy Stretch No.5X Solid Inflatable Dildo here.

Stretch No.5XX Solid Inflatable Dildo

Corresponding with the regular Stretch No. 5XX, this beast is a gargantuan 33cm long and 7cm wide. Double these measurements for the total size that this monstrosity inflates to!

Buy Stretch No.5XX Solid Inflatable Dildo here.

Stretch Fist Solid Inflatable Dildo

If you want more than a large cock in you, then why not try the Stretch Fist?! It’s a handy 25cm long and 7.5cm wide, and just like the inflatable dildos; it inflates up to double its initial size!

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