Nature to get you Off!

I am horny all the time!

This fact is a curse and blessing at the same time. The curse is that I can’t stay with one man, and the blessing is that I experience so many different things that I love. I have recently been penetrated severely by a tree, no this is not a gay toys range, I mean a real tree.

Whilst walking the dog in a forest nearby I saw this guy, nice looking but nothing special, another curse of being so horny is that I am not picky, AT ALL!

Anyway this guy was kinda looking at me so I looked back and before I knew I was on my knees with his manhood in the back of my gob. After showing of my super sucking techniques he turned me around ready to mount me. At this point I was so wet for it I was grinding like a bitch. Get your rubber on and go I said, no rubber he said so I bolted, no rubber no entry! I might be a horny whore but I do value my life in the planet. Anyway, I needed to be filled, it just had to be done. This guy clearly knew the forest as within seconds a hard smooth bit of a small tree was right up arse and he worked me like a gay toys specialist! At one point I had the tree up my arse and his wood between my lips, at this moment I was one with nature, just the way god intended, LOL!

The moral of this story………well I guess there isn’t one! Oh and for those concerned, the dog saw nothing, she was of doing her on things, she is an even bigger slut then I am.

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