Aneros MGX – “very nice indeed”

I just finished my first session with my Aneros prostate massager and it was better than I thought it would be. Initially I thought that small gay sex toys like this could not really satisfy me. Thank heavens I tried it, it was totally hot!

AnerosAneros, gay toys to get you going!

I had thought about getting Aneros gay toys for a while, and finally ordered a starter kit a few days ago. Whilst it was on its way to me I had been thinking about when to use it and how it would make me feel.

When my Aneros MGX arrived I was looking forward to trying it out. I was unable to do it there and then as I had a busy day! On this day I also received some other gay toys through the mail. I had also ordered a Tenga egg because they look so odd and I just had to try them. I am a bit of a gay toys addict as it goes.

Tenga egg, gay toys

After I did all my work that day, I finally had some time to play with my new gay toys, yihaa! Dying to try out the Aneros MGX, I had got my anal douche out and prepare myself. Ready for action I got on the bed and put a saucy movie on to get me in the mood, not that I needed it as I was horny as hell! I got my Liquid Silk lube out and applied the lube on the Aneros. As I lay on the bed all stretched out, I slipped in the latest of my gay toys, slowly and gently. It was great how my anal and rectal muscles just took over, and pulled the Aneros in. I rested for a while to feel what was happening, and then started to move around. I could definitely feel the sensation on my prostate in different positions. Soon I was riggling about on the bed and massaging my prostate and having a good tug at the same time. My oh my, I do love my gay toys, and Aneros is a welcome addition. My orgasm was amazing and I had to have another go later that night, phewww!! I will try the Tenga egg next time.

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