Anal Beads – Bottoms up!

If you are new to gay sex toys or just looking for an entirely new anal experience anal beads and balls are the way forward. Anal beads are a great way to experience anal sex. At esmale we have a great range of anal beads available see the full range here.

Our great range of anal beads start small and get larger with the more length you take, they are designed to your body can slowly adjust to the size of each bead or ball as it passes through the sensitive nerve endings for that fulfilling sensation. The beads are smooth and spherical, apply a generous amount of lube and they become super slippery and easy to insert.

How to Use Anal Beads

Lube, lube, LUBE!!! We can’t stress enough the importance of lube. To get the most out of your anal beads (or any gay sex toy for that matter) generously apply a water based lubricant to the anal beads and your anus, we recommend a Liquid Silk, Swiss Navy or ID Lube.

Most anal beads have a loop or handle on the end, to prevent them slipping fully inside you, easy removal – if the anal beads have a rigid shape you can use the handle to get more thrust behind the beads.

On your marks…

Position yourself comfortably, and start by gently pushing just the first anal bead inside you, take your time and once you get used to the sensation of anal penetration, you can try and push another anal bead in to place. We recommend using one hand to push the beads in and the other hand to spread your anus.

Once you reach the final bead, you will feel full and satisfyingly stretched, just before you cum try pulling the beads out at the point of orgasm, the feeling of each ball popping out feels amazing.

Which anal beads are right for me?

The Velvet Kiss Collection iOrgasm Oval Tip is a great silicone anal bead designed with beginners in mind. If you are just starting off we recommend a set of really flexible anal beads such as the Toy Joy Sweet Sensation Silicone Anal Beads, made from silicone you’ll enjoy the extra flexibility will allow you to stimulate and feel all the erogenous areas inside you.

If you’ve enjoyed anal play before and fancy something a little bit different, why not try firmer anal beads such as the Colt Power Drill Anal Beads. This great gay sex toy can give you the same satisfying ribbed insertion but all the fun of thrusting too. The first of the anal beads has a circumference of just 1.25 inches, allowing the easiest of insertions. It’s finished with a flexible ring for easy removal and some scintillating sensations!

Advanced anal enthusiasts might prefer anal beads, which vibrate, produce a pleasing erotic sensations throughout your body. The Toy Joy Bum Buster Vibrating Anal Beads are ideal for this!  This gay sex toy is a stunning string of sensual anal beads is sporting an orgasmic vibrating bullet inside its penetrative ribbed head. The vibrations pass through three staggering medium sized anal beads.

This is one of the best value vibrating anal beads on the gay sex toys market! Get more bang for your butt with 13 inches of flexible vibrating beads, complete with handy retrieval ring for comfort and security.

Keep it clean

Make sure to clean your anal beads thoroughly before and after every use. We recommend using Toy Joy Gay Sex Toy Cleaner.

See the full range of anal beads available at esmale.

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