Oxballs ball stretching masters.

We have plenty of Oxballs products, and the most popular are the Oxballs cock rings and the Oxballs ball stretcher.

Ball stretching is something that I am getting into at the moment and totally love! I am unsure how far I will take it, but I do love the look of some low hanging fruit. I started my journey with Oxballs. They have a great selection and the perfect way to start and finish your ball stretching. The Oxballs Bullballs 1 and 2 are great. The material Oxballs are using is very high quality pure platinum silicone. The image below is the Oxballs Bullballs 2 silicone ball stretcher.

Oxballs Ball Stretcher

Beside the really hot look these Oxballs ball stretcher provide, they also feel really good. They are solid, have great stretch and fall right back into place, so you will have the best effect. Oxballs have really upped their game with this one.

So we are looking good and feeling good and now can get onto the action and I promise you one thing, Swing a dong dong!

The swing you get from the Oxballs ball stretcher is great. I love it when I am top or being topped. The feeling of my balls as an extra source of stimulation when I am doing my boy badly is great. We can both really feel my ball par-taking in the action. The weight and the swing the Oxballs ball stretcher provides is intense.

Now that I have found the Oxballs ball stretcher I am wondering how far to take it. You can really permanently drop your balls if you wanted to. The Oxballs balls stretcher in the image will not cause a permanent change in your balls but will give you the great feeling ball stretching does.

What are your thoughts on ball stretching and the Oxballs ball stretcher collection? Check ‘em out in our store.

What we would love is an image of you in any Oxballs gear, and it would be even better if you would let is use it on our site. Show us your balls guys! We are waiting at info@esmale.com

The weekend is near now, so I am off getting myself some action and hopefully swing my Oxballs packed package into some unsuspecting hot guy! If you are out tonight trick or treating, please knock on my door, as I will gave a treat for you, BOOM up ya bum baby!

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