Douche, this one makes cleaning your bum a treat.

Having an anal douche before having anal sex is, as far we are concerned, is essential. For one, it is a nice thing to do for the guy that will be entering you. Secondly, a douche also creates emotional freedom. With that, I mean that you can fully let go and lose your inhibitions. Once you have had an anal douche there is no worry that you might not be clean, so let battle commence!

When buying an anal douche you will have lots of choice. Most gay sex toys makers will have an anal douche in their collection. Not every anal douche is of good quality and I would suggest getting a good one. A good anal douche does not have to be expensive, as you will see in the esmale store. As the nozzle of the anal douche goes up your bum, you want it to be secure and not painful. An anal  douche that ticks all the boxes is the “Missile anal douche Cleaner”.

Anal douche cleaner

This anal douche is very sleek and seamless. It is very easy to use and made for comfort, just the way we like our anal douche to be. Furthermore this douche is soft and pliable and it has a tapered end that is great for entering. This anal douche is a complete hygiene system.

Insert the anal douche in water, and when you squeeze, it will suck up the water. I like it luke warm, but you can douche with any temperature. Not too hot of course. Once the bulb is filled with water enter it up your bum and squeeze out the water to clean.  It really is that easy.

Anal douche cleaner

This douche is shaped in such a way that is actually feels really nice to enter, which in my book is a great bonus. I never knew cleaning could be fun, but with the Missile anal douche Cleaner it can.

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