Butt plug, non stop anal fun!

Butt plug, non stop anal fun!

Butt plug ‘s are the gay sex toys that give you long lasting fun. You can enter a butt plug and start your day, as it were. I must say that I am one of those who is guilty of wearing a butt plug in public. There is just something really exciting about having anal pleasure whilst being surround by complete strangers. Although wearing a butt plug surrounded by people you do know can also be fun, sorry colleagues.

If you have not heard of Oxballs before, then this is your moment, Oxballs ROCK! What they have done is improved the whole butt plug and cock ring combo. The products they make are not cheap but are extremely good value and the quality is the highest around, really THE highest. Not only is it great quality, a butt plug or other gay sex toys form Oxballs will last you a lifetime!

If you want to try one of their creations that include a butt plug with cock rings I can recommend the Oxballs gear ass-lock butt plug. This is what it looks like.

butt plug

On one end there is the cock ring that is enhancing your manhood. The cock ring also keeps the blood flow within the penis tidy, making it super sensitive to touch, very nice indeed. Then, on the other end, you put the butt plug in your bum and you have great cock and bum stimulation. Now you can either start playing with yourself of with a partner. Whatever you are up to you will soon be drowning in emotions of lust, love and highly erotic stimulus. The gear ass-lock butt plug is made of the best pure silicone around giving this butt plug cock ring combo everything it needs to get your juices flowing!

If this butt plug is the one for you, please check out the esmale store for more product information on this gem. If this is not your butt plug we have a great Oxballs butt plug selection available and many other styles and sizes.

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