Anal beads, bit by bit!

Anal beads, the gift that keeps on giving.

Anal beads have been relatively new in my journey to anal happiness. I must say the anal beads might have arrived late, but they came in style. DING DONG these gay toys can give you amazing pleasure. There are many anal beads around and I am not sure I would enjoy all of them.

What I particulate enjoy when using anal beads is the passing off the beads through the narrow part of the bum. I am not sure how to describe it, so I am going to have to go phonetic on you, as all I can say is that I like the “pop pop” effect of anal beads.  I guess it is knowing that a bead is coming, but not knowing exactly when it gets there. Especially, if the anal beads are being used on you by someone else. It can get very exciting.

In the esmale store, which will be open soon (high fives all-round), we will have a good selection of anal beads for you to choose from.

One of my favourites are the anal beads from Domestic Partner. In particular the Domestic partner butt boy anal balls.

anal beads

Before you use anal beads I would recommend an anal douche and using lots of lube. Water based lube from Liquid Silk, Swiss Navy and ID lube will all be very good to use with anal beads. In fact water based lube like these are great to use with most if not all gay toys.

Domestic partner also has a larger version of these anal beads called Domestic partner butt man anal balls. These anal beads are principally the same apart from the size. If you are new to using anal beads I would recommend starting small and see how you get on form there.

Don’t forget to let us know how you got on, email your anal beads stories to If we can, we will share your stories on our blog. Only with your permission of course.

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