Fleshjack, I have never cum so much.

Fleshjack, what are you doing to me. I am empty, yet I feel the urge developing again! Team Fleshjack, go away and stop making these delicious wanking tools.

Guys if you have never used a Fleshjack before do it now, my goodness! The Fleshjack is not the cheapest masturbation tool but it is the best and it is reusable, so it will last. I have emptied myself the last few days on the Fleshjack ice jack Mouth.

Fleshjack, Ice jack 

This Fleshjack is driving me crazy. The lips on this baby keep begging for more. The inner of this wanking super star has been made to stimulate the penis with distinctive sensations throughout, TRUTH! The subtle nuances in the Fleshjack make it an addiction. If you are ready to give up your friends, family and in fact your complete social life, then buy this Fleshjack. It will stare at you with “use me” and “come closer” eyes that you cannot resist. I get angry from time to time but every time I use the Fleshjack I forgive it, it is so damn good!  There are different Fleshjack inserts available but I can’t replace mine. Look at those luscious lips, I cannot betray them.

I am gonna have to go now as I am being summoned to deliver another load, yeah baby, suck on this!

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Team esmale, essentially for men.

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