Jock strap, Barcode Berlin we love you!

We are jock strap mad in the esmale UK office. There is just something really sexy about showing of a bit of bum man flesh!

Trying to find a jock strap than can do all things we want form a jock strap has not always been easy although I must admit that recently we have seen many new jock strap suppliers in the market. Some of them are doing a great job and some that I have bought were real disasters.

I cannot stand it when you buy a jock strap and the support is just not there.  When you feel you can’t really go and exercise in them or anything else for that matter. I went running the other day and was always aware that my manhood was constantly on the edge of falling out of its pouch.

One brand that is leaving a huge impressing with me at the moment is Barcode Berlin. They really have turned making a jock strap into an art form.

I am particularly keen on the Lace Alexander jock strap range.

Jock strap range form Barcode berlin called Lace Alexander         

What they have managed to do with this design is very clever. Adding the lace lifts this jockstrap out from the basics range and onto its own platform. The handling of the lace is very easy and does not at all take anything away from the support this jock strap gives you. Whatever you are doing you can trust that the Alexander jock strap is looking after your assets.

The superior blend of 65% polyester, 15% cotton, 15% rubber and 5% elastane is what makes the jockstrap so supportive and comfortable.

The Lace Alexander jock strap will make you stand out from the crowd and in a very good way. It totally screams style, masculinity and sexiness.

If looking good in a jockstrap is what you are after you can trust team Barcode Berlin to look after you.

In our store we have a whole range of Barcode products available so have a look and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.

If you have any questions or suggestion regarding this jock strap or anything else please email us at

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