Lube, this one is cum-tastic!

We have finally had delivery of our latest lube line, str8cam.

This is a lube that looks like cum and has therefore great sexy advantages over other lubes.


Str8cam lube is water based and we have it available in our store in travel size and also a larger bottle. The design is hot too, as it features Mr Str8cam himself.

Say hi to Jeff, Mr stra8cam lube.

Mr str8cam lube


lube that looks like cum

Now that you have seen Jeff and you know that the lube looks like cum, what would happen if you put the two together, exactly! Party time!

As much as this lube adds to the imagination, lets not forget that this lube is not a novelty lube. It is a great lube to use in all scenarios. The lube is great to use for anal penetration as much as it is great to use with gay sex toys.

This lube is a particular favourite as a wanking lube. This is when the fact that the lube looks like cum really comes into play. The thought of being covered in cum (Jeff’s will certainly do) is very horny and makes for a great wanking session.

The travel size is great to take with you anywhere, hence travel size but you know what I mean. Saunas, hook ups and such like. Cover them in cum and give them a piece of your action, job done! Cum-tastic.

Try out the lube and let us now what you think about it. You can always reach us at

Our store is going to open in a fews days time and you will be able to purchase the stra8cam lube there, at a great price. If you sign up to our newsletter we will give you 15% off your first purchase.

We are so exited that after months of blogging about all the lube and other gay sex toys in the world, we can now finally offer them all to you at great prices.

The store should open in 3 days time and we cannot wait for you to have a look and let us know what you think about it. Please tell us all your thoughts, as it is really important to use that we have available what you want. This is not exclusive to lube, it can be anything to do with gay sex toys.

Come and have a look, plus send your thoughts to

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