Douche, clean passage of lust and love.

A douche before the action, is, as we have mentioned before, very important to be able to freely let yourself go. I have received penetration without a douche but in the back of my mind I always had the feeling ,’I hope I am clean’ and I wish I had an anal douche.

The choice of douche is huge and a lot of them are OK. What I look out for in a douche is easy use and portability. My douche needs to be simple and straightforward. For these reasons I have bought myself a Vulcanite Anal Douche.

Vulcanite anal douche

This douche is precisely what you need when you are in a hurry and desperate to be mounted. All you need to do is say “excuse I am just gonna freshen up” then go to the toilet, get out your vulcanite douche and quickly give yourself a douche and pop back out to get the anal action you want, without a care in the world, BLISSSS!! If I had to make one area in which this douche could be improved it would be the flexibility of the latex bulb. It is fine but not as pliable, as for example, the Streemmaster douche.

Having a douche feels fresh and it is good to have a clean inner bum. When going on the prowl for the night, I always have a good clean before I go out, it feels great whether I pull or not.

What are your thoughts on the douche topic? Do you douche or do you not mind a bit of, lets call it natural colouring? It is completely natural after all.

Be careful with the douche that you buy and make sure there are no sharp edges, as you inners are very sensitive. At the esmale store we will have the douche for you. We have a selection that varies from a very simple douche to a douche that can double up as a gay dildo, so you have fun whilst cleaning you behind. Every douche on is of great quality and will clean your passage of lust and love.

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