Swiss Navy, more than just good!

We are championing the lube that is called Swiss Navy at the office. Not only is the branding very strong but Swiss navy lube also has a great variety of lube available. Here are a few just to get an idea:

  • Swiss Navy Silicone lube
  • Swiss Navy Water based lube
  • Swiss Navy Flavoured lube
  • Swiss Navy Miniature lube
  • Swiss Navy Cream lube

That is a nice range they have got there. The Swiss Navy team have certainly been busy!

swiss navy

Personally I was always using Liquid Silk and it was difficult to change to Swiss Navy, or anything else for that matter. I guess I am an “I like what I like” kinda guy. On a night out I went home with this guy and he had Swiss Navy, so I had little choice unless I wanted discomfort and of course I did not. The night itself was not impressive but Swiss Navy was. What was noticeable was that, unlike the guy I was with, Swiss Navy lube goes on forever. It lasts, and lasts and lasts. The fact that I had to do all the work, and I mean ALL the work was only helped by this very fact. I am not sure if I have ever met such a lazy one-night stand, my goodness! Anyway, at least I have him to thank for my new Swiss Navy collection.

I have also realised that for each occasion there is a lube that is best. So I can still have my trusted Liquid Silk on my night table but for my longer sessions I am standing ready with Swiss Navy lube. So if you ever see me with a bottle of Swiss Navy you KNOW that I am in for a long session of manly madness!

Needless to say I have not met up with this guy again. He can sleep through his sessions with some other poor bloke. He really is not a good representative of Swiss Navy.

Anyway, give Swiss Navy a chance guys, and let us know what you think? You can reach team esmale on

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