Liquid Silk lube has arrived!

Yippeeee, we have just taken delivery of our favourite lube, Liquid Silk!

The Liquid Silk range is probably the smallest lube range that we know, but it is one of the best selling lube for us. We also get a lot of questions from you guys on what makes Liquid Silk lube so special. The honest answer is that I am not entirely sure. I do know that Liquid Silk lube is fantastic and I use it as well. In terms of the quality of liquid silk lube, we represent other lube brands that are at least as good as the quality of Liquid silk lube. Swiss Navy, ID lube and also stra8cam lube are all of a phenomenal quality, but not all of these brands enjoy the same level of sales as Liquid Silk lube does.

Liquid Silk Lube

Now that we have received the Liquid Silk order, we can create some nice offers for you. These offers will soon be available at the esmale store. At the same time we received the Liquid Silk lube, we also received another lube that is made by the same makers as Liquid Silk. The lube is called Maximus and is another super water based lube that is great to use.

Maximus from the makers of Liquid Silk

One of the things that might make Liquid Silk lube sell more is the same reason Stra8cam lube is also flying, they both look like cum. The idea of that might be very horny to many guys. Liquid Silk has also been around a long time and maybe it is just the case that people just buy what they are used to, and that is fine by us.

We are always looking for information on what products you like and why. If there is a particular reason you like Liquid Silk lube, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at

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