Anal toys, bring it on baby!

One of the biggest pleasures in life is created by anal toys, would you agree?

Not many things are more enjoyable than having, for example, a vibrating prostate massager up your bum, working it’s magic!  Of course not everybody is into anal toys and for those people who are not into this we just want to say, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!

How can you not be into anal toys? We are not saying that you have to take a huge gay dildo up your bum or any gay dildo for that matter. Anal toys come in so many different shapes and size that we at the esmale office firmly believe there are anal toys out there to suit ANYBODY. Of course if you really cannot stand the idea, or have another reason, then we will not push it further, but please give it a go. We have converted many a non-believer to become anal toys fans, if not addicts.

Anal Toys, Domestic Partner small butt plug


You could start your anal toys journey with a little but plug like the one in this image. Anal toys don’t come more bite size than this. We believe that with lashings of luscious silky lube you will be able to squeeze anal toys like this into the tightest of places.

Even though these anal toys are small it does not mean they do not have any effect, especially when you start to play with yourself, these anal toys will give you an extra stimulus. Your orgasm will be much more intense, this really is true. The experience should be pleasurable and I believe these anal toys will not cause you any pain! Try out these small anal toys and let us know how it went.

If for any reason you want to try anal toys but don’t feel confident or comfortable with it, please email us. Team esmale is here to assist and help you get the best out of the joy that anal toys can bring you! You can catch team esmale on

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