Penis Pumps, pumping it big style!

Penis pumps are serious gay sex toys and for many guys an important tool to get more confidence in the bedroom. Penis pumps have proven to be very effective when it comes to increasing the size and correction of a penis. Penis pumps can have long term and short-term effect.

But what I also would like to share with you is that penis pumps can be fun! I do not want to take away from the main function of penis pumps, I just want to make sure that whilst you are growing your penis you don’t forget to have some fun as well. Is it not that what it is all about, fun, fun, fun! So here is one of my favourite penis pumps that will give you pleasure whilst pumping it big style! I give you the Power Pump;

Penis pumps with vibration


What makes this the fun one amongst the penis pumps is that it has a removable multi speed bullet vibe, this will give you extra hard-on power, grrrrrrr!

These vibrating penis pumps will give you great stimulation whilst you are growing your manhood. The penis pumps I currently have, all have the fun element to it. Normally when using penis pumps I concentrate on the instructions and do what is required for the penis pumps to work. Once I have done the cycle, I slide on the multispeed bullet and the main focus becomes getting a great orgasm. There is something nice in seeing your penis after it has had penis pump love, big, shiny and ready to go. Adding vibes to the penis pumps make the penis extra sensitive and ready to explode, love it!

So these vibrating penis pumps are certainly worth a go for two reasons. Firstly these penis pumps work and secondly the penis pumps are fun! What more do you want?

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