Aneros, super prostate massager!

Aneros is a gay toys brand that has only come into my life in the last year and I must say it has increased the level of enjoyment I get from a prostate massager.

The Aneros team must have such delicate skills to make their products do what they do.

Aneros prostate massager.

I have had a look around to see what the Aneros competition is producing and I must say that even though there are some good prostate massagers out there I have not yet experienced the Aneros sensations with any other. The price of Aneros gay toys is a bit higher, but believe me when I say that it really is money well spent. The Aneros range will last forever and the use of Aneros gay toys will never bore you, promise! These bad boys will make you riggle around in your bed and give you the MOST sensational orgasms, OMG!

The Aneros collection is anatomically designed and great for hands free usage. There is a skill to it and you can get better at using Aneros gay toys. This might sound a bit strange but is true and so worth a try.




There are several Aneros designs and all of them are different. These subtle variations Aneros brings to the design might not look much but when you try them you will realise the change is there and very noticeable. Aneros also have a lube applicator available, which is useful and there is a starters kit.

So if you have not been part of the Aneros experience I would really suggest you give it a go. Teach yourself how to use it and you will have years and years of Aneros fun. It will enhance the pleasure level in your life, I am certain of it. Have a look at the Aneros that is right for you in the esmale store.

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