Tenga, morning, day and night!

Do you have a favorite Tenga moment, or have you never been Tenga –d? We often have conversation about gay sex toys in the office. I guess that comes with our job in the gay toys industry. One of these conversations was about Tenga and also about who likes to use the Tenga when.

In this conversation the Tenga was really just a substitute for the word wank. I can’t think of a more appropriate word for wank than Tenga, as they really have mastered the art of it! Tenga has lifted the standard of masturbation onto a higher platform of sexual experience, go Tenga!

Small Tenga Selection


Anyway, back to our office talk about when it is the best to Tenga. The office was divided between pretty much all hours of the day. One of the esmale team actually has a Tenga addiction we think. He says he often brings a Tenga egg with him and he uses them in public toilets and at friend’s houses. I know that the Tenga egg is totally small, handy and quick to use, but REALLY, people’s houses and public toilets?? I guess we encourage everybody to do what makes them happy, as long as you do not upset anybody, and he is not, because nobody knows. Apart from you and me that is, lol!

Tenga Egg

In the end of our topical debate about when to Tenga, the morning was the winner, and in particular the Sunday morning! It was almost like a treat. Giving yourself some extra love and care. The same as when you get the Sunday papers, chill, and read or have your favourite breakfast. The master of the Tenga wank is the Sunday morning when you take extra time to properly love yourself and have the treat of all treats, a super sexy sensual Tenga wank, yeah baby!

After this conclusion we all felt a bit proud, weird really, but that is team esmale, weird but good!

What is your Tenga moment? Share yours by dropping us a line at info@esmale.com. Do you have a different topic for team esmale to discuss? then also drop us a line and we will blog about the conversation after we have had it. As long as it is relevant to gay sex toys, we are happy to discuss everything!

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