The Jelq Penis Enlarger

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Having increased confidence in the size of your penis will result in better and more confident experiences in the bedroom. In a couple of blogs yesterday, I ran through the basics of the Jelp penis exercises and a step by step guide of the penis exercises, using a more hands-on approach. Adding to those blogs, here’s a great penis enlarger tool aimed specifically at the Jelq technique.

The Jelq Penis Enlarger Device

jelq penis enlarger

The penis enlarger in the image above may look a bit like a scientific instrument, but it is incredibly simple to use and built for maximum comfort. After all, we are exercising quite a delicate part of the body.

The Jelq penis enlarger device has Dura-cylinder padding, which ensures that when you use the penis enlarger, the device feels natural, and most importantly, comfortable. The padding is designed to produce just enough friction when exercising your penis. Previous blogs on the manual technique detailed the gains in length and thickness to your penis, and by using this more scientific method, those gains can be built upon.

The Precise weighting system is built to maximise traction control of the penis enlarger. This will ensure that the penis enlarger is used at its maximum level, which in turn will provide better results and gains in size and length.

Stats for the Jelq Penis Enlarger Device

Material: Stainless steel and memory foam

Colour: Black & silver

Total size: 3.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches long

Roller size: 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide

Benefits of the Jelq Penis Enlarger

– Padding for supreme comfort
– Precise Weighting System for even pressure along the shaft of your penis
– Rollers adapt to fit your shape
– Smooth rolling action for maximum control
– Adds inches to your penis length and girth
– Control your ejaculations through training –
– Harder and strong erections by increasing blood flow to the penis
– Use only 1-3 a week for easy penis enlargement

How to use the Jelq Penis Enlarger
– Warm wrap your penis before using the Jelq penis enlarger with a wet warm cloth
– Stroke along the shaft of the penis every 3-4 seconds
– You control the pressure with via the handle
– Stroke penis for 15-20 minutes
– Warm wrap your penis at the end of the session again


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