Penis Exercises – Jelq & Jelqing – Step by step guide

Here at esmale we are dedicated to not only providing you with the best and latest gay sex toys on the market but also in providing you with information and our experience in helping you guys out there to gain the extra confidence in the bedroom to enjoy the products we supply.

We have learnt from some of the many enquiries we receive, that confidence in your penis and it’s size can be a major factor in enjoying action in the bedroom. To this end, we will providing you with some proven techniques and penis exercises to help you gain that confidence, as well as improving your penis length and thickness.

In a previous blog post, I shared with you some of the basic questions around the jelq penis exercises. Here’s a quick step by step guide of the penis exercises to get you on your way to a better penis!

Jelq Penis Exercises – Step by Step Guide

1. Before commencing with these penis exercises, lather your penis with plenty of lube (Liquid Silk or Swiss Navy are my faves). The best lube  will allow you to get several jelq strokes in before having to reapply.

2. Bring your penis to a 50-75% erection level.

Jelq penis exercises

3. When jelqing, your penis shouldn’t be erect enough to have sex, but it should be engorged enough so you can effectively push blood throughout the penis.

4. With either hand, use your thumb and pointer finger to create an OK-grip around the base of your penis. Place the grip as close to the pubic bone as possible.

5. Apply pressure to the grip and slowly move it up the penis. For the penis exercises to be truly effective, the ideal jelquing pressure is one that does not hurt, but effectively forces blood up the penis.

Jelq penis exercises

6. Stop the grip directly before it reaches your glans (do not jeql your glans). You have completed one jelq. Each jelq should take approximately 2 to 3 seconds.

Jelq penis exercises

7. Subsequently, take your other hand and repeat the jelqing process.


So those are the basic steps of the Jelq penis exercises. We really do hope you found this article of use. I have been using this technique for many years and found that over time my penis size improved, so give them a go!

If you have any penis exercise recommendations, or want to share your penis exercises experiences with the team here at esmale, then please drop us a line at, and we will be happy to share as a blog on the site.

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