Penis Exercises – Jelq & Jelqing

Here at esmale we are dedicated to not only providing you with the best and latest gay sex toys on the market but also in providing you with information and our experience in helping you guys out there to gain the extra confidence in the bedroom to enjoy the products we supply.

We have learnt from some of the many enquiries we receive, that confidence in your penis and it’s size can be a major factor in enjoying action in the bedroom. To this end, we will providing you with some proven techniques and penis exercises to help you gain that confidence, as well as improving your penis length and thickness.

The jelq (also known as milking) is one of the core penis exercises and one of the most basic enlargement penis exercises you can perform. The Jelq penis exercises can be used by guys at the beginner, intermediate and advanced stages of penis exercises and is aimed at achieving a longer penis, thicker penis, fixing a curved penis, achieving a hard penis and a larger penis.

So what is the Jelq?

Jelq Penis exercise


The jelq penis exercises are a series of techniques that require you to make an OK-grip (above) and use a milking motion to the grip towards the head of your penis.

Is Jelqing a good penis exercise for penis enlargement?

The short and concise answer is YES! The Jelq penis exercises, which are rumoured to have Arabic origins, is proven to enlarge the penis. Although there are some variations, the jelq penis exercises always involve milking the penis.

How does it work?

By using the milking action and grip on the semi-erect penis shaft, blood and nutrients are forced throughout your penis, resulting in enlarged girth and length. The jelq penis exercises are so effective on building pressure on the penis and soft tissue and blood vessels that over time the jelq penis exercise will cause the penis to expand, enlarge and harden the penis.

This really is an effective penis exercise and should be practiced regularly.


Before you start with the jelq penis exercises, we recommend using a good quality lube on your penis. Our particular favourites are Liquid Silk and Swiss Navy. The Lube helps with the pressures applied when using the penis exercise and even makes the experience enjoyable! A double whammy!

How erect should you be whilst perfoming the Jelq penis exercises?

Typically you should perform these penis exercises when you are at least 50% erect. Some results over time have shown though that some guys achieve greater length at lower erection levels, whilst others find greater length at higher erection levels. This is one penis exercise which you will discover your personal results over time. 75% erection level is the optimum but you’ll discover your own level over time with these penis exercises.

Some guys find that whilst performing the Jelq penis exercises, they get fully erect (told you it will be fun!). If this happens, take a break and wait for things to subside, then you’ll be good to go again.

The Jelq and the Baseball Bat effect

If you perform the jelq penis exercises incorrectly – i.e only milking the top of the penis shaft, some guys find that the resulting effect is to have an enlarged head and the penis will start to resemble a ‘baseball bat’. To combat this effect, make sure that when performing the penis exercises, you jelq or milk your penis across it’s entire length – from the base of your shaft to the head in an even motion.


So those are the basics of the Jelq penis exercises. In the next blog I’ll be posting, will be the step by step guide of this penis exercise technique, so check back for the next instalment.

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