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Here at esmale we are always being asked about products that can increase the size of your penis and we have a whole section of this blog site dedicated to answering the question – How to grow your penis? One of the important and proven gay sex toys to increase the size of your penis, is the penis pump, and we also have a penis pump section of the blog site dedicated to bringing you the latest and recommended penis pumps on the market.

Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

Bathmate Hercules Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

What better way of increasing the size of your penis, than in the comfort of your own home. With careful and considerate use of the Hercules penis pump, results have shown that using it for 20 minutes a day will give you a longer, thicker and healthier penis.

The Bathmate penis pump is such a great sex toy on many levels. Not only will it give you those desired results in penis size but you can also enjoy this penis pump relaxing in your bath or when taking a shower. The Bathmate Penis Pump incorporates an innovative pump solution by using the amazing power of hydraulics. The Bathmate Penis Pump can safely exert a far greater vacuum on the penis, resulting in increased blood flow to the penis tissue and a much thicker and stronger penis. This is certainly one penis pump you want to have in your gay sex toys collection.

Hercules clear penis pump

The Bathmate Penis Pump uses warm water to achieve optimum penile fitness. Whilst you are in your warm bath, place the Bathmate Penis Pump over your penis and by pulling the chamber towards your body, you are able to create a tight seal and the resulting vacuum expels the water from the tube and you are left with a larger than normal erection.  Simply press the button at the top of the cylinder flask and the vacuum is released and you can easily remove the Bathmate Penis Pump.

Daily use of the Bathmate Penis Pump will result in a longer and thicker penis. Stay with it guys – the success of the penis pump will be delivered by using little and often!


Outside Length: 12 inches

Inside Length: 9 inches

Girth: 7.75 inches at largest point

Width: 2.75 inches

Material: Polycarbonate, skin safe rubber and stainless steel

Colour: Blue and Clear

Opening Style: Stealth

Does not contain latex

Does not contain phthalates



At esmale, we consider the penis pump to be such an important gay sex toy, that we dedicate blogs to this great product and will be carrying a large range of penis pumps in our store at www.esmale.com, when we launch later in the autumn.

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