Anal douche or enema? esmale is here to help!

Since we started blogging the team at esmale have received plenty of questions about anal douches such as what do they do? And how do you use them? So we have put together some top tips and concise information to help!

What is the difference between an anal douche and an enema?
The difference between an anal douche and an enema is that an enema has a bag for holding the water and can hold up to 2 litres of water. They are designed to flush out the intestinal tract as well as the rectal passage to ensure a more thorough clean.

What does an anal douche do?
Gay guys use anal douches or enema kits for hygiene purposes to clean the rectum before anal sex, whilst some guys simply enjoy the unique sensation the water makes when using it. The basic concept is to deposit water into the rectal passage, removing any compacted faeces. An anal douche features a bulb for holding water and will clean only the rectal passage, which is ideal if you are preparing so that you’re clean and ready to go before using your favourite sex toys or having anal sex.

Esmale have put together a few best practice guidelines for you guys to read before using your anal douche.

• Before use remove the douche from its packaging and give it a quick rinse to make sure it’s clean.
• Fill the bulb up with water either by removing the tip and running it directly under the tap or gently squeezing the bulb then immersing it in a sink filled with water and allow the suction to draw the water in.
• Don’t forget your lube! Use plenty of lubricant on the end of the douche and the opening of your anus and gently insert the tip.
• Once you have inserted the tip of the anal douche gently squeeze the bulb of the douche to push the water into the rectum.
• Gently remove the douche and use your rectal muscles to push the water out, we recommend you do this over the toilet.
• Follow these instructions several times until the water ejected runs clear.

Caution! Things to remember before using your anal douche.
When using your anal douche use lots of lube, ensure the temperature of the water should be luke warm, use your anal douche around 30 minutes before anal play to avoid any unnecessary accidents, douching can remove the natural lubrication of the anus so it is important to use lubricant during anal sex and if you encounter any pain STOP!

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anal douche

anal douche

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