Top 5 anal sex tips

Tip 1: have safe sex; there is a risk of infections. So we would always advise to have sex with a condom, as the risks are not worth it, however good it might be.

Tip 2; use plenty of lube!

It is important to not forget that the anus does not self lubricate. You have to bring your own Liquid Silk or other lube. It will make the whole experience much more pleasant for the receiving partner and therefore also for the guy giving it! Many different lubes are used for anal penetration. We would advise spending some time shopping around for the lube you like. I personally always have some Liquid Silk around or some ID glide. For the heavier anal play, with toys, there are thicker lubricants like elbow crease. We would not recommend an oil based lube, as they are not always compatible with condoms. So stick with silicon or water based lubes, just like Liquid Silk.

Liquid Silk 250ml







Tip 3, start smart.

To make the road to anal sex as pleasurable as possible we would suggest to start with a finger with plenty of Liquid Silk on it. A penis can be awfully big to just stick up someone’s bum.

Use one finger and then maybe slip in a sneaky second to see what the reaction is. You can also throw in a little rimming session for pleasure! Make sure your nails are in good shape to prevent any pain. After this, it might be time to step it up a gear. Add some Liquid Silk on a butt plug or something else in the world of gay sex toys, a small dildo could work.  There are plenty gay sex toys out there, so have a good look around and choose what works best for you and your partner. Make sure you clean gay sex toys after use. All the Liquid Silk needs to be cleaned off, and the anal toy needs to be completely clean for the next session.

Clear petite butt plug






Tip 4, Douche, douche, douche!

Out of all the gay sex toys out there, I think a douche is one of the most important ones. Some people like to have some Liquid Silk on it before using it, but it is not always required. The main thing is that your bum is nice and clean before having anal sex. So have a douche and get yourself nice and clean for your partner. A nice clean bum is also much more attractive to encourage a rimming session during play.

StreemMaster mini anal douche







Tip 5, enjoy and communicate.

Now that you are able to handle some bum fun, it is the most important that you have fun and go for it. Remember the condom and the Liquid Silk, and communicate what you like or do not like, and then let the pace and emotions do the talking, yes yes yes!

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