Successful sex!

The measure of great sex is not just how intense your orgasm is, although it is the climax and totally important!

In my experience the things I remember are always the details. Like how my partner rubbed Liquid Silk on my penis before entering! Or the way his greedy eyes popped when I showed him the selection of gay sex toys we were about to use!

Last night when I was going through my collection of penis pumps I had a flashback to such a moment, in fact it was all about cock rings! The flashback was about a playmate looking super hot and rock hard, ready for action whilst showing of his weapon that, at the shaft, was wrapped in Oxballs, yum!! So I forgot about the penis pumps, got some liquid silk on my salami and gave it a good old tug!  This tug on my slippery salami, was, in my book, also successful sex. But does a tug classify as having sex? can you have sex on your own? Is using your gay sex toys having sex?

In some of the conversations I have had with my mates, opinions are divided. Some say to have sex you have to actually have penetration. Kissing and oral sex does not really qualify as having sex. I think a certain Mr. Clinton is part of that religion unless the stain in Molinski’s dress was liquid silk.

I also have some friends that feel a french kiss is on a par with having full on penetration, because sex is an emotion.

In my opinion sex is indeed about emotion, but I believe you can have a great sexuall experience on your own. Try the Tenga Flip, and you will know what I mean J Or help yourself to lashings of Liquid Silk and see how it feels to have Francois Sagat enter your behind, yeah baby!

TitanMen - Realistic Francois Sagat







In short, successful sex seems to be in the eye of the beholder. One thing is for sure, as long as you enjoy it, do it safely and respectfully, then all you need to do is to make sure you get lots of it!

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