Liquid silk, lube of the moment!

At esmale we like to think that we are helping our customers to explore their sex life and oiling the path to a full and all-inclusive mindset towards gay sex toys. To this extent, we are loving all the e-mails that come to us. One such e-mail, was all about with the lube of the moment, liquid silk!

Liquid Silk 250ml







The e-mail read as follows:

“Before reading all the reviews and blogs on esmale, I had not heard of Liquid Silk before. Even though not all the reviews were 100% positive, I still thought let’s give it a go. I am a firm believer in testing products. I have tested my fair share of gay sex toys. Not just lube but also a butt plug and a wide variety of cock rings, penis pumps, cock toys and plenty more!

I went for the small bottle of liquid silk, 50 ml and at only £3.99. There was not much to lose.

Next thing I needed to do was to find someone to use it with and as it was a Sunday evening I did not have much luck. I ended up going through my gay sex toys and ended up using the liquid silk on my favorite dildo, and my goodness it was lovely!


The silky feel of liquid silk is superb, I wonder if that is why they gave it the name! It did not dry out, and as it is a water-based lube it is safe to use with any type of gay sex toys or condom. It was great that a little went a long way and the caps on the liquid silk bottles are fantastic. No longer all the lube mess in the bed!

Not only is the functionality great, it also has skin conditioner in it. How great it that! You are being looked after on all sorts of levels, whilst using liquid silk! “

After we at esmale read this e-mail it was only natural that we declared Liquid Silk the lube of the moment. I must say not all e-mails are always this positive. This however is good as we are trying to review and sell only the best gay sex toys to you, so keep your reviews coming. E-mail us at

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