Liquid silk, what the customers think!

* ***Great addition for play.
This is a great product. It does not get sticky and it is a very natural feeling and very nice for a hand job!

* ****Liquid silk is non-oil based, which is the best thing to use in my opinion, as it is most natural. Liquid silk does not irritate at all and just a little bit goes a long way. So, one bottle should last a while. Great product!

* Liquid silk is not what it says it is: “water-based”; “non-tacky” I used liquid silk for a fleshjack toy and it did nothing for the Fleshjack material, over time it made it sticky. The Liquid Silk product does not live up to it’s claim of being water-based.

* This product is not “water-based” and the ingredients list lists quite a few chemicals plus preservatives as well. I also think it smelled bad; I have never used this with someone so I can really comment on that.

*** * Love Liquid silk and it is very good for penetrative play and masturbation. Especially for masturbation as liquid silk allows very silky friction-free movements so you can be very gentle with it if that is your thing! Super effective in small quantities

*** . We use plenty of lube, oh yes! Not only for the main course but also for the foreplay! We’ve tried many brands over the years and our favourite one was ID glide, however after reading some reviews for Liquid Silk, we decided to give it a go. We liked the pump, which enhances the usages whilst playing. After the fist squirt the colour was a bit spunk like, luckily there was no smell so all was ok.

After having used it fully I would recommend it, but it I am not sure it knocks ID glide from the top stop. I think Liquid Silk and ID glide can share number one spot. Liquid Silk was great for anal sex, and we did love the dispenser, however we did feel it was not wet enough.

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Big love, Team esmale!

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