Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk is one of the biggest lube brands in the world. Many gay sex toys will have been covered in it at one point, of this, I am sure.

I have always wondered what the reason is for Liquid silk to be so successful. I am still slightly unsure. I believe it is because it is one of the first lubes out there and the first also to have an association with gay sex toys and anal sex in general.

I found it interesting to discover the limited amount of advertising Liquid Silk does, in return for its success. I think it might be word of mouth, which of course is the best PR you can get.

As a range, Liquid Silk is also not extensive. Apart from some sachets, the only two products they have are the following:

Liquid Silk 250ml






The other liquid silk is the same product but in a smaller package;

Liquid Silk 50ml








I must say that the 50 ml is perfect to take on a night out or for when you are going to a sauna or cruise for some action elsewhere. It’s ideal for men on the go!


I think Liquid Silk might be the KY jelly for gay men. It has been around forever and it just feels safe and secure!  Most gay sex toys collections will have at some point included a bottle of liquid silk, and so starts the word of mouth, is my guess.


Why all this jabbering about a lube? Well I guess it is just me being a geek about gay sex toys and associated products and I can’t work out why this is the number one lube! Don’t get me wrong, I love Liquid Silk, but what makes it so special?? Answers on a postcard please, a digital one if it is all the same, and send it to J


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