Anal lube, an explanation!

Anal lube tends to be different than regular lubes, although some lubes, like Liquid Silk, can be used in many instances.

In general, anal lube has a thicker consistency. The reason for this is that it protects the sensitive skin of the anus. In addition, it provides a moisturising effect too.

Anal lubes come in different types. Just like non-anal lubes, they can be water-based, oil based or silicon based. These lubes all have different benefits and are different for anal sex.

Water based anal lube;

Anal lubes, like Liquid silk are most often used at the beginning stages. Think smaller gay sex toys and a small butt plug for example. Water based lubes are very popular, and in particular Liquid Silk. One of the reasons for this is that it takes the least consideration to use.

Silicon and oil based anal lube;

For you guys that have got more experience with anal sex, and are enjoying activities for which liquid silk is not cutting the mustard, oil and silicon lubricants can be great. Please note that oil based lube is for the use of a butt plug or gay sex toys, as the oil is not good for condoms. Lube like this can add more sensation than water-based lube. The reason for this is that it is less thick, and gay sex toys can be felt more! Silicon lube is fine to use with a condom. As silicon is often more slippery than water based lube, it can cause the penetration to be deeper and a bit more intense!

Anal lubes that desensitise the anus.

There are lubes that are mainly used by heavy anal penetration lovers. The use of gay sex toys, or activities such as fisting, often require a bit more than your normal Liquid Silk J. It needs careful planning and a lot of care! Some people argue that the pain threshold is there for a reason, and desensitising this has it’s risks. If you do want to enjoy this heavy form of anal activity, please research it carefully before you start!

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