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Hi all! My name is Dave. At esmale, they have asked me to use their products and write reviews about them. Yihaaaaaaaa!! What a great a great gig I thought; well think again….apparently I don’t always get to chose what I use, oh my poor penis! What will it get itself into, HELP!! Not to mention my bum, YELP!

On a good note, I will have lots of Liquid Silk to help test these products, and I am assuming (please confirm this you office bitches) that I get to keep my test products. I assume you don’t really want a half empty bottle of Liquid Silk returned, YUK!


Anyway, a little bit about me! I am 24 and totally into gay sex toys. I must say that this has not always been the case, far from it really. My first experience with gay sex toys was totally freakish, but more about that on a different day!


When in comes to gays sex toys, I am very much more interested in anal toys. I am yet to understand why people use gay sex toys such as Tenga, when you can get yourself off with a bit of Liquid Silk and a good old hand job! I am happy to be persuaded BTW, just send me a Tenga, and will give it a good old go. You listening at esmale, 1 Tenga please?!


Where was I, right I am 24, love boys and anal toys! My body, I would say, is quite good. I work out 4 times a week. I have healthy definition but not a crazy 6 pack. My biggest asset I have been told, (besides my eyes, hurllll) is my bum! I am unsure how it got to this shape but it is tight and hard. Maybe because of all the play it has had, not that I am a complete slapper! That’s only on Saturdays J


What else do you want to know about me? e-mail info@esmale.com and I will provide the answers.


The first review they want me to do is on Liquid Silk. Well I have used enough Liquid Silk, and don’t need to test it to let you know it is great, but they are sending me a 250ml bottle of the stuff, so Liquid Silk it is.


The only thing I now need to work out is how to use it. Shall I get some gay sex toys and pleasure my behind, or rub some Liquid Silk on my penis and ride some men bum! I think I might go for the latter, and if I fail to pull, I will chose something from my gay sex toys collection!


I will let you know later in the week what actually happened, oh and of course the review of Liquid Silk!





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