Douching has never felt so good.

Guys, let’s face it, every good bottom is ready and willing at all times. We love getting plugged and rimmed and thanks to the Rascal Deep Cleansing Kit guys get to go down with nothing but pleasure. Most guys I know would be the first to admit that they worry about not being as clean as they could be? And as a result find it difficult to relax.

Designed for swift but effective cleaning.

Rounding out the new additions to Chi Chi LaRue’s sex toy collection comes this incredible anal douche. The Rascal Deep Cleansing Kit is an anal douche kit with easy-squeeze bulb operation and an extra large water reservoir, this bestselling douche comes with two screw-on attachments and one slip-on sleeve to make anal douching enjoyable. Each attachment has it’s own unique design making douching a simple but pleasurable experience.

Rascal Deep Cleansing Kit

It was so simple to use!

I sucked some water up into the bulb then selected the ripple attachment (for maximum pleasure of course). I applied a dollop of lube then went to town. While standing in the shower (I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want a mess on the floor) I gently inserted the nozzle. Once a few inches deep I squeezed the bulb. I could feel the warm water filling up inside of me.

Rascal Deep Cleansing Kit

I suggest you do this in the shower

For all you who are new to douching I suggest you listen to the next step, this is very important. I kept the bulb squeezed as I pulled out the nozzle, I didn’t want anything getting sucked back in to the bulb. This is not sexy but everything that goes in there has to come out so once it does you just do some external cleaning. I suggest you do this in the shower, and about 20 minutes or so before you have sex, just make sure you get all of the water out.

Using the rippled nozzle was a bit like foreplay – trust me you will feel so much more confidant once this is out of the way. I can now relax entirely and focus on the task at hand!

5 Reasons To Buy the Rascal Deep Cleansing Kit

  • 3 different shaped sleeves provide plenty of fun for your bum
  • Douching has never felt this good
  • A Douche from Chi Chi LaRue – is that not good enough?
  • It feels good and is good for you!
  • You can take part of the fear out of bottoming

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