Anal stretching with the colt expandable butt plug

Just a few pumps and the colt expandable butt plug becomes an inflatable monster! This great toy is a tube-shaped plug with a red pressure bulb for quickly inflating the plug for internal sensations, anal stretching, and fist clenching excitement.















I love everything Colt has to offer, like all their gear, the Colt Expandable Butt Plug is easy to clean, simple to use and always get’s my recommendation.

With gentle tiny squeezes, Expandable Butt Plug gradually inflates to a risky but ideal size for anal muscle stretching and increase threshold of pain.

With its tapered head, and inflatable shaft, this butt plug is perfected for the ultimate anal play, whether you are a curious trainee or a seasoned expert.

Features an easy to release valve to ensure your comfortable at all times. And they even through in some lube.

Constructed from super soft latex rubber, this butt plug can compete with other state-of-the-art novelty goods because it has a skin simulating material and inflation features. Colt Expandable Butt Plug imports an easy to puff design. With a regular size of 6 inches in circumference, it can inflate up to a whopping 10 inches in circumference. Just work on the supplied pumping bulb until a desired size suits you, giving you that filled-up sensation.

5 Reasons to buy an inflatable Butt Plug

  • A perfect butt plug for both beginners and more advanced players.
  • Why have a single sized plug? This baby expands to fit you.
  • Have you always wanted to know how much you can take?
  • Recommended for anal stretching.
  • Perfect if you really enjoy that ‘filled up’ feeling. will be stocking the colt expandable butt plug, plus the biggest and best range of quality butt plugs and male sex toys.

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