Dirk Yates military-themed butt plug

Weapons of ass destruction

Dirk Yates is responsible for producing the most amazing porn films featuring the hottest guys in army uniform and the hottest military personnel. A favourite porn studio at www.esmale.com and widely popular globally this top brand is responsible for top-selling video series such as Dirk Yates Private Collections, and The Few, The Proud, The Naked. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Dirk Yates presents the ultimate anal butt plug; of course I just had to get one!

Butt plugs and sex toys in the shape of rockets, missiles and hand grenades

Created from hand sculpted molds, the Dirk Yates butt plugs includes toys in military-themed shapes, such as rockets, missiles and hand grenades, with intricate details like raised rivets, stars and chevrons to hit that all important g-spot.

Dirk Yates presents the ultimate anal butt plug. But can I take it?

These are some of the largest anal toys I have ever seen; this is definitely not for the faint hearted. There are two sizes available for intense, expert anal play; at the smaller end of the spectrum proudly stands the Dirk Yates: AR-50 SensaFirm Ass Rocket Butt Plug with 5 inches to insert and a whopping 7.75 inches of fulfilling girth, this toy was made in mind for the more capable pig.

Dirk Yates AR-50 Ass Rocket butt plug


















This missile is on target for one place only, bend-over and assume the position

The Dirk Yates: AM-80 SensaFirm Ass Missile plug stands at an incredible 8” x 2.5” – for the experienced ass-master. These butt plugs were designed for more intense ass play; they will fill you up. Curved and shaped just like a real missile, the Dirk Yates range of sex toys separate the men from the boys. Grab yourself plenty of lube, as these dual density plugs with their indestructible outer skin and cushy interior fill will leave you gasping and grasping for more.


















SensaFirm Butt Plugs

This great range of toys is made of supple SensaFirm a revolutionary new material that makes the plugs soft but firm and extremely easy to clean.

This range of non-slip butt plugs features a rounded entry point for pure anal enjoyment. Produced in the States, these toys are safe to use and easy to keep clean. Believe it or not you can even stick them in the dishwasher but I do recommend using the top shelf with no heat setting.

So what are you waiting for come take a ride on the wild Dirk Yates express and experience the ultimate in anal stimulation.


Dirk Yates: AR-50 Ass Rocket Butt Plug dimensions: 5″ tall x 7.75″ diameter.

Dirk Yates: AM-80 Ass Missile plug stands at an incredible 8” x 2.5” diameter.

5 Reasons To Buy Dirk Yates Range of Butt Plugs

  • One of the most imaginative shaped butt plugs I’ve ever seen.
  • Wait till you see this thing in action!
  • Hot guys on the packaging.
  • Made from SensaFirm so firm for entry, but flexible at base for comfort.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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