I flip out with the tenga Flip Hole.

Imagine my anticipation when asked to write a review of the TENGA Flip hole for esmale! The task, (may seem daunting to some), was to use, and comment on the TENGA Flip hole, a premium male masturbator toy. Honestly, the result was an exhausted, sensitive, extremely satisfied… guy.

New world of masturbation toys for men

If like me, you are no stranger to the pleasure of masturbation the TENGA Flip Hole is guaranteed to satisfy. This masturbator has opened up a whole new world of masturbation toys for men. First up, don’t be fooled by the Japanese instructions and packaging, the TENGA Flip Hole masturbator looks and feels like no other Masturbator gone before!






“Mild” hole lotion

This toy is a true state-of-the-art masturbation device for men. It features three buttons, each one creates separate, individually controlled sensations at different points, along the shaft, massaging the head, or sucking at the bottom.

I started out my first adventure with the included “mild” lubricant and holding on to the Flip Hole with one hand, pushing each of the buttons I could feel immense changes in sensation.

I was soon hanging on with both hands at the end.

Flip the case open reveals a treasure trail silicone sleeve filled with lots and lots of different size nubs, nodules, bumps and ridges specially designed to rub you up the right way.  All this awaits your entrance and although the instructions read that this is “One-hand control pad” the first time I used it I couldn’t get enough and I was soon hanging on with both hands at the end.

The Flip hole was gagging

Squeezing the upper zone made the sensations tighter at the top of my penis, making me thrust faster, squeezing the bottom made the toy tighten at the base, making me push harder, whilst squeezing the middle creates a slightly tighter ride all the way through. This middle area acts like a vacuum; you can feel it sucking you in for a more intense ride. Whilst being sucked off by the Flip hole, I noticed it was gagging! No lie, as I was drawn in, it made wet slurping noises, I closed my eyes and imagined being noshed off by a hot guy. Next thing I knew I was at the point of no return.

The first reusable male masturbation toy from TENGA

Unlike the rest of the TENGA male sex toy range, The Flip Hole is the first reusable masturbator and cleaning it really is effortless. Simply slide off the cap at the end, open it up, add soapy water, and leave to dry then you’re done. The silicone insert is permanently mounted in the plastic case. Since nothing can get in between the case and the silicone sleeve, any worries of cleaning that area were gone. It took less than a minute to clean and the end cap conveniently acts as a platform to support the Flip hole until it is dry. See the pictures below.









“Real” hole lotion

Before the end of the day I was back for seconds, this time trying the second lube included appropriately titled “real” far thicker than the “mild” lube I used in the morning. I was more aware of the different textures and sensations and realised just what the flip-hole had to offer. More intense than the first time, I was struggling to hold back – actually I couldn’t and I didn’t!

“Wild” hole lotion

I finally built up the stamina to try the third lubricant included with the Flip Hole. It was called “wild” hole lotion. This felt cool to the skin, and never reached body temperature. It created tingling vivid sensations especially around the head of my penis; as a result every time I thrust forward I could feel everything.

I will never look back, this is a permanent fixture in my toy box and I continue to get it out on a regular basis, but don’t just trust me, try it for yourself.

5 reasons to buy the Tenga Flip Hole

  • Reusable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Discreet – This does not look like a sex toy.
  • Better and more reliable than the real thing.
  • Guaranteed to be the best wank of your life.

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