Aneros, the king of prostate massagers!

We have been bigging-up the Aneros brand a few times, but with very good reason. The guys at Aneros actually have an academy and they are genuinely researching what works best and how your prostate can be massaged with maximum effect. All this experience and work is focused towards getting you the very best stimulation for your prostate.

Aneros, super prostate massager.

I particularly love the design of the Aneros Progasm Ice. With this prostrate massager they really have pushed the boat out.

This Aneros prostate massager really is one of a kind. When making the Aneros Progasm Ice they created a unique air bubble. This makes each Aneros Ice unique. The Aneros patented hands free design, in combination with the shapely design of the Aneros ice, makes it perfect to give you a very intense massage of the prostate. The Aneros range, like no other, delivers on this front. Years of study backs up their design.

The Aneros Ice might look like glass but it is not. It is made of a far superior material which is FDA approved and has replaced the glass, as it is better and safer. Aneros are also thinking of the environment, as the production process with this material is better as it emits fewer gasses. Well done Aneros.

The Aneros Ice is larger than most of the prostate massager collection, giving it that extra edge. Even though it is slightly larger, it has not lost any of the mobility Aneros is well know for.

For all of you that know how amazing a prostrate massager is, but have not used an Aneros, go and get it. You really will love it. Aneros are top dog, when it comes to making prostate massagers, it is just true!

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