Oxballs, come and check ‘em out!

OMG the cock rings from Oxballs are amazing! There I have said it! Really though, guys if you are into cock rings then these bad boys will be your new best friends.

These cock rings are so strong and durable it is crazy! Well done Oxballs!

Oxballs, cock rings called screwballs.

Oxballs designed these cock rings because the small little jelly cock rings you often see can snap, and these robust cock rings from Oxballs will stand the test of time! They are sturdy and the material these Oxballs cock rings are made is AMAZING! The stretch is great and it always falls back to the default. The Oxballs cock rings have the best interest of your penis at heart. Aren’t they a nice bunch at the Oxballs towers!

These Oxballs cock rings are so strong, rumour goes that at the Oxballs warehouse they have used them to hang up a sling and gave some cock rings packer a good seeing to! I am liking the Oxballs test methods. Best not to try this at home, but at least we know that the Oxballs cock ring will do more than the trick.

They are not the cheapest cock rings but at least you do not have to keep buying news ones, so in the long run the Oxballs cock rings are better value, Kerchingggg!

Apart from the screwball cock rings we have a whole Oxballs section on our shopping site where we have cock rings and more, all from Oxballs. Have a look and let us know what you think.

At the esmale UK office we are so excited as we are soon opening the store, which means we can start offering you all the cock rings in the world, whether they are from Oxballs or not, happy days!

We have a newsletter that we send out and will be able to offer out all the best deals available on Oxballs cock rings and more. When you sign up you will get 15% discount on your first order making the Oxballs cock rings even better value. The newsletters will feature reviews, offers, latest products and much more. From Oxballs cock rings to vibrating anal beads, we have it all!

Team esmale, essentially for men!

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