Butt plug with something extra.

Time for the butt plug and today is Oxballs day! We have just had a web log all about Oxballs Cock rings, but now I would really like to share with you the delight that is the Oxballs butt plug. Well, is it a butt plug, arse lock or something else all together? The Oxballs constructions are always so niche that they can be most things which is why we love em! I think I am sticking to the word butt plug for now as it makes it a little easier.

The butt plug I want to focus on at the moment is the Hemi Ass-Lock butt plug.

Butt plug from Oxballs. Hemi Ass-Lock butt plug

This is not just a butt plug, it is an amazing combi between a butt plug and a cock ring. This things that you can do with this little bad boy are limitless! Having this butt plug construction on, whilst heading out in public, would please me no end. I love the whole “if only you knew” feeling. It makes me feel very naughty! Bedsides that, the use of this Oxballs butt plug in the bedroom is super. Having the cock ring locked on my dick and the butt plug in my behind is a great feeling. Now think of that feeling, and start banging some guy and your sensations will go through the roof, promise! This is what sex is all about. The intense feeling of all your erotic senses and fantasies colliding in one explosion, BOOM!

The Hemi Ass-Lock butt plug can make this happen, been there, done that, and if there was a T-shirt I would buy it. It would probably read, “just been Oxballed!”

The Oxballs Hemi Ass-Lock butt plug is made from specially formulated TPR rubber, the best available to make gay sex toys!

Trust us, the more you move the more feedback you will get from the Oxballs Hemi butt plug. Wear it under your clothes, uniform or gym kit for a kinky experience. The only limitation is your imagination.

When using your Oxballs Hemi butt plug we do recommend you use a water-based anal lube to lube up your butt and your butt plug. Liquid Silk, Swiss Navy or ID lube will all do the trick!

Try out this butt plug and let us know what it was like, enjoy your naughty side!

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