Butt plug, Oxballs make you squirm and more.

As a big Oxballs fan, I was delighted to stumble onto this amazing butt plug.

This butt plug is called the Squirm ass-lock and is pure silicon!

Squirm ass-lock from Oxballs - a pure silicon butt plug


If you are not convinced that this butt plug will make you squirm, no worries we have another butt plug for you that has a slight edge on the Squirm ass lock, as it has rougher shapes to give you extra sensations! Check out the nubber ass-lock butt plug. The Oxballs gang just keep coming with great ideas!


Butt plug from Oxballs, the Nubber Ass Lock

The NUBBER butt plug is designed to achieve a full orgasmic ending. The butt plug nub is the size of a cherry tomato and rubbing it in the right way will make you weak in the knees. This butt plug will give you so much pleasure when you are topping some hot guy and have the nubber butt plug giving you all sorts of anal stimulations! You will be howling like a dog and the stud you are giving it to will be squealing like a little pig! All this because you have the correct butt plug inserted, thank you Oxballs!

I enjoy this butt plug on its own as well. It is not too big, so I can move it around when I am helping myself to a dose of healthy self-loving.  And sometimes there is nothing better than to just chill out on the bed with some great gay sex toys, put the music on and just treat yourself to some pleasure. This could be with a butt plug or any other gay sex toys. For those of you who have not learned or experienced the joy of this type of play, why not start with this butt plug or with the Oxballs Squirm ass-lock butt plug.


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