Anal beads, yes please!

Whether you are new to anal toys or not, there will always be room to try anal beads. In terms of gay toys I feel that anal beads are often the forgotten ones. This should so not be the case, as they truly are a delight for your backside. I like to think of anal beads as a mixture of anal balls and a gay dildo. All experts will now be on my case because technically this is an incorrect description for anal beads but it makes sense to me and hopefully to you too!

Not so long ago I made an anal beads discovery as they made one that vibrated. It seems that anal beads are no different to any other gay toys. First they invent the toy itself, then they create different shapes and sizes and lastly they will make one that vibrates. Again, this might not be always the case but it certainly is my observation, and with anal beads it is no different. Have a look at this little anal beads surprise package.

Vibrating Anal Beads

What I particularly enjoy about anal beads is that it has a more intense feeling when it goes in and out of your bum. A normal gay dildo or vibrator does not provide you with the stimulation that the “gaps” between the beads do. Anal beads can be very intense and they are also easy to use when you are on your own. You can have your private anal beads party. All you need is lots of lube and be in the right mood for some anal delight!

The vibrations from the anal beads in the image bring another dimension, it makes it even more intense. Personally I like to concentrate on the beads rather then the vibration so I have it switched off. Sometimes I switch it on just before the end to really push me over the edge, waking up the city with my groaning.

Anyway, if you are new to anal beads and have questions, please email them to and we will answer them.

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