Anal beads, first time beads!

We all have to start somewhere with the usage of anal beads. In fact a gay sex toys journey of any sort, and not just anal beads, will need a starting point.

Anal beads are not often the first choice for anal play. Many journeys start with a masturbating tool like Fleshjack or Tenga. The next step, often, is a small dildo or butt plug, and after that I think anal beads come into contention. Although they will have to fight off the competition from the prostate massager which is getting more and more popular and with very good reason! As with most gay sex toys, it is always good to start small and work your way up to what is comfortable and enjoyable for you. Anal beads are no different. So here are some anal beads the esmale team would recommend to start with because of the shape and size of these anal beads.

Just the right sizr to start your Anal Beads Journey


These anal beads are small, smooth and sensual! Besides this, these anal beads are also very pliable and therefore generate lots of pleasure. Just the way we like our anal beads. They are made of firm jelly rubber and each bead has a diameter of 0.6 inch, so these anal beads should slip in with great ease!
There is a short length rubber cord in between the anal beads, and this cord is made of durable and flexible rubber, making sure you anal beads are kept in place. At the end of the last of the anal beads, 6 in total, you will find a plastic retrieval ring with is attached to the rubber cord.
Here are a few more details of these anal beads:
• Total length of the anal beads: 14 inches
• Insertable: 12.5 inches
• Circumference: 2 inches
• Diameter: 0.6 inches

These anal beads will not disappoint you, but if you still have any questions, please email us at as we are here to help you enjoy your gay sex toys journey!
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