Prostate massager, cheeky, rude bum invaders.

Well my journey into gay sex toys has not peaked yet, but at one point I did think, OMG, can this get any better? Introducing the prostate massager that made my prostate explode with feelings of pure intense joy! Yes, a prostate massager can do that, at least this one can! Come and say hi to the “Cheeky-boy”. This prostate massager is cheeky indeed and the makers knew what they where doing when they created this prostrate massager. This baby can be used hands-free and it has 3 vibrating settings. Combine the vibrations with the pleasure that comes form each bead and you will not be surprised that the cheeky boy will really deliver, kerrching!

Cheeky Boy prostate massager


Having had the great joy of this prostate massager my bum starting singing. We want more, we want more, we want more.. (Clap you hands). So, as someone who always wants to please, I went from Cheeky to Rude! Introducing the Rude Boy prostate massager:

Rude Boy prostate massager

This prostate massager also deserves its name, with a shape that is designed to precisely hit those points that get you going. How rude is that? This prostate massager provides, both prostate and perineum massages, brilliant! The cheeky boy and the rude boy prostate massager are waterproof and come in different colours. The vibrations are very powerful and silent. Each prostate massager is great to use with your partner or on you own. Excellent cheeky and rude prostrate fun that should be experienced!

So if you are into the type of fun a prostate massager can deliver, try out these boys and let us know what you think.

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