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Over the years the type and sort of anal toys have totally changed. What has not changed is what anal toys set out to do. Anal toys are here to give you pleasure, anal pleasure! This can be done on very different levels. Anal toys that are very intense and really play on intimate and emotional connections are high quality anal toys like a prostate massager from Aneros.  These anal toys are designed so cleverly they will have you bumping and grinding to give you the most intimate orgasm you ever had, seriously good and worth their price!

Aneros, anal toys



The next type of anal toys are also for great orgasms but are focused more on the rougher side of anal pleasure. I am talking about the gay dildo, which can lead to super greed and uncontrollable lust! It is very much the harder, deeper, faster, yeah yeah yeeeeaaaahhhhhh kinda anal toys.

Anal toys, gay dildo

Anal toys can do a lot more than what is described above and there are anal toys, like a gay dildo that are smaller and work more sensitively.

Anal toys like the butt plug or anal beads provide yet again another sensation. So whatever anal toys you like there will be plenty of choice. I like most anal toys and usage is very much depending on my mood. I am a slow and sensitive Sunday morning anal toys lover, but after a crap day at work I can do with anal toys that deliver me a good and firm seeing to, yeah baby!

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