Gay toys, the way forward.

At esmale HQ we love gay toys. In fact there are gay toys all over the office. We write about gay toys, test gay toys and even in our private life we talk about and use gay toys! I am not sure we should be sharing this as it seems a bit unhealthy, but when you get to enjoy what gay toys can do, you will most certainly be sharing our gay toys obsession.

My gay toys obsession has got several highlights. Probably too many to share in just one web log. My very first gay toys experience was a masturbator. Not one of those high-tech Tenga or Fleshjack ones but a pocket ass palm pal. I assume gay toys makers like Tenga and Fleshjack have taken their inspiration from great gay toys like this.

One of my first gay toys

I was at university at the time and my housemate was not in. I saw this half open package and the ass palm pal was there. I know I should not have done, but the temptation was too much, so I became a gay toys stealer, shameful I know.

I soon lost the shame and I was humping away. My first step as a gay toys lover. I remember being surprised by how real it felt and soon I started thinking about who’s ass this could be, and before I knew it I was shouting the roof down and had the most fantastic orgasm. As gay toys go this one makes for a great first experience. In fact I since bought my own that I use and I bought my housemate a new one without him noticing, result.

Anyway, that is my first gay toys experience, what is yours? We would love to hear all about your gay toys experiences and if you have any questions with regards to gay toys you can also come to us. We are here to help as much as we can. It would be a waste of our gay toys obsession if we did not share them with you. Emails can go to

Some of our gay toys obsessions we turn into a newsletter, where we write and recommend products, share experiences and keep you up to date with all the latest gay toys news. Sign up now, but be careful you don’t turn into obsessive gay toys lovers like us, hahaha.

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