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We do love our anal toys at esmale that tick more than one box and with this great product we can certainly tick a few! This will be a great addition to your anal toys collection if you like your gay toys to have more than one purpose. This is one of those gay sex toys that hit more than one spot and will deliver great sensations in so many places, you just wont know what to do with yourself! We will soon be carrying a large and comprehensive range of anal toys at our new online store – which will be open in the Autumn.

Butt Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager

Butt Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager


The Butt Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager, truly is all things to men! Not only is it a Butt plug but its also a prostate massager and vibrating perineum massager to boot! How’s that for a multi purpose gay sex toy. The Butt Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager is made from a high-grade silicone and it’s powerful vibrations are delivered from a RO-80mm vibrating bullet. It’s a powerful and waterproof prostate massager that will give you deep penetration and the most amazing vibrations and will hit the spot you rally want it to. Everything you could ask for from a prostate massager.

The Butt Plug part of this toy is a great shape and fits very snuggly inside you. Once the butt plug hits your p-spot, turn on those vibrations to really make you go weak at the knees. The Butt Plug Prostate massager has an elongated stem at the base which sits nicely along your perineum to deliver nice vibrations there too for extra vavavoom!

Butt Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager


The Butt Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager is designed for handsfree use, and the vibrations can be operated by a single button at the end of the butt plug. Give this butt plug/prostate massager a try. You will not be disappointed!

Prostate Massager/Butt Plug Stats:

Length: 9 inches

Insertable: 4.25 inches

Circumference: 6 inches

Diameter: 1.9 inches

Material: Silicone

Flexibility: Firm

Colour: Black or Red

Waterproof: Submersible

Does not contain phthalates

Does not contain Latex

Controller: Removable push button

Vibration: Single speed

Power : 1 x N battery ( supplied)


Always remember to use plenty of lube to really enjoy this anal toy. We recommend our current favourites, Liquid Silk and Swiss Navy.

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