Pro Penis Enlarger – you get what you pay for!

Here at esmale we are always looking for the best gay sex toys for you guys to enjoy but also understand that a guys confidence needs to have a boost at times to really get the most out of their gay sex toys. We have posted a number of blogs around the question of ‘How to Grow your Penis’ and have featured a few good and effective penis exercises to help you put a little extra length where you need it. Our Penis Pump section of the blog site, features a good number of penis pump recommendations also. Penis Pumps have long been recognized as a gay sex toy to aid penis growth and help boost your confidence in the bedroom. An addition to this important area of bedroom confidence, are specially designed gay toys that are aimed at penis enlargement.

Take a look at this penis enlarger. It’s at the higher end of most of our gay sex toys, but you do get what you pay for. The Penis Enlarger certainly looks like a serious piece of kit!

Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger

Pro Penis Enlarger


The Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger is a strictly top of the range product and you will not be disappointed. The penis enlarger also comes with a multitude of accessories to aid you in your journey.

This modern and lightweight penis enlarger can help in creasing the size of your penis by up to 24% in length and 19% in girth. The Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger works by traction and its design is based on being comfortable for use and also helping you to achieve bigger and longer erections.

Pro Penis Enlarger


The Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger has a black and red colour combination and is designed to be used with almost any penis size – 1.6 inches (4cm) to 9.5 inches (24cm), although why anybody with a 9.5 inch penis would want to use this is beyond me – that’s just being greedy!!

Pro Penis Enlarger


The Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger is made from lightweight modern high strength injection moulded plastic, and despite that can deliver a traction force of over 2.8 kilos. The Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger is the most powerful penis enlarger on the market.

Penis Enlarger Stats:

Material: Injection moulded plastic
Phthalate Free
Contains Latex
Colour: Red and Black
Traction Range: 1200g (42 oz) to 2800g (99 oz)
Range Penis Size: 4cm (1.6 inch) to 24cm (9.5 inch)
Weight: 65g (2.1 oz)
Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years

The Male Edge Basic contains 11 components:
Male Edge Pro Penis Enlarger with Red Box
Instructional DVD
Rubber Straps (4)
Travel Bag
Protection Pads (2)
Cohesive Gauze

Pro Penis Enlarger


At esmale we are dedicated to you having the best time in the bedroom with each other, and with your gay sex toys, but we are also focussed on making sure that you get the best out of yourself and your confidence levels in the bedroom! So if you have any questions with regards to how to grow your penis or any of the featured products on our site, please e-mail us at

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