Gay toys, the next generation!

As you know, we at the esmale HQ are in love with gay toys! We see gay toys, feel gay toys, breath gay toys, we actually live gay toys. We have great experience in this industry, and we love innovation that is geared to you and me actually enjoying gay toys, rather than the manufacturers focussing on making money only.

We are very supportive of anyone in our community who dares to be creative and provide us with seriously good gay toys! At the moment we are championing the guys from Oxballs, as we have not seen such creativity for a while. Their gay toys are rather ‘out there’ and might not be for everybody. Even at the esmale HQ, we have guys for whom Oxballs gay toys are not that interesting, but they do appreciate the creative approach towards the design and manufacture of their ranges.

Look at these gay toys for example, would you have thought of it?

Oxballs, gay toys, sparkplug









It is a butt plug connected to a cocksling. In my mind, this is a great idea, so well done Oxballs and keep the gay toys coming!


As we are on the Oxballs subject, I want to share one more of their products from their gay toys range. This one I have selected purely because of the fun factor. Gay toys are in my mind, made to have fun with, so why not have them in some fun and interesting shapes, look at this one, STRIKE…………………..

Gay Toys, Oxballs, butt plug









So, we are always looking forward to what new gay toys the Oxballs gang come up with. The good thing is that we get to test them, if we can. Some of toys are so hardcore that not all esmale staffers can handle them! If you think you are hard enough, let us know and we might get you to test some, as long as you provide us with a full-length essay on how you have experienced the gay toys. All feedback will go back to Oxballs as well.


We have plenty more innovative gay toys brands available in our esmale store, and we will continue to blog about all of them. To keep up to date please sign up to our newsletter, you will not regret this.


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