Jockstrap, hot guys looking good in a Jockstrap.

Well, sometimes you have to just let the images do the talking. When you talk about a good jockstrap, this is an easy option. There is many a jockstrap out there and they often look great on guys. It really does not matter if you are skinny, average, muscly or carry some extra weight, a jockstrap can look good on all!

Below is a collection of images and this will prove the very point. If you want to wear a jockstrap, do it!


You can choose the jockstrap that works the best for you. Some have more support than others. At the esmale store you will have jockstraps that are more geared towards a sexy night out, and you can also buy a jockstrap that you could wear to work.

We have had some great responses on our jockstrap blogs and people have been sending us images of themselves in a jockstrap, and some of these are featured in our jockstrap blog area. If you want your image on our blog, then send us a photo with you in a jockstrap and we will use it in the esmale blog site or other communication we might do, with your permission of course.

I first started wearing a jockstrap for exercise reasons but I felt rather nice in them so I went looking for a few styles that are comfortable enough to wear out on a day-to-day basis. The sport jockstrap is certainly not suitable for day-to-day wear.  I like the range Andrew Christian does. The design of his jockstrap works for wearing for longer periods of time. Not all of them do, but he has a large collection to chose your favourite from. Have a look in our shop and get the one that works for you.

Lets us know what your thoughts are on jockstraps. You can e-mail us at We also have a newsletter for you, so you can be up to date on all things jockstrap. There is more though, at esmale we are big fans on gay sex toys, so if you do sign up, please be aware that not all communications will be about the jockstrap, there will be some adult gay material as well.


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