Lube, what would we do without it!

We love lube! Lube is there when you want to pleasure yourself and others! When it comes to sexual fun, lube truly is our best friend.

Most people know there is many a lube available on the market, and most of these do a decent job. At the office we have our favourites, like Liquid Silk and Swiss Navy, but there are more we love too, so here is another one to consider for your selection.

Tenga Wild Lotion, Lube











This Tenga lube was made to use with one of their best gay sex toys, called the Tenga Flip Hole. We have since used this lube for several other experiences and it was really great in all instances! This is a top quality lube. The Wild Hole lube version comes with a menthol infusion, giving it some extra stimulus. Just the way we like it.


This is a customer review:

This is the best lube to use with the Tenga Fliphole. I had been waiting for my Tenga toy and when I finally got it came with a sample of lube, in fact 3 types of Tenga lube, BINGO!! I chose to use the Tenga wild lotion as it is thinner than the other and therefore it suits this Tenga product bettering my opinion. It allows you to experience the bumps and nodules in the Tenga Fliphole better.  Because the lube is thinner I feel it is also easier to apply, but you can use the other Tenga lube as well of course!

I have had the Tenha fliphole for a while now but funny enough I have run out of the Tenga wild lube but have plenty of the others left, it is a total winner in my book!


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