How to grow your penis – a sensational story!

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Finding out how to grow your penis began for me at the age of fifteen. Just like many guys that age, I started to take note of my body. It was then that I found out I had a smaller penis compared to the other guys. I am not a peeping tom but getting dressed and showered with 20 other lads, you cannot help but see, and this is how it began.

I focussed on finding out how to make my penis bigger when I heard some guys taking the mick out of my manhood. This moment ranks as one of the most embarrassing of my life! I was going the find out how to grow your penis!

I had tried my hardest to cover up in changing rooms and made sure I was the only one in the showers. My confidence was at a real low and because of my behaviour, I fell out of favour with the popular kids.

After a while my parents got the internet, and I found an advert on how to grow your penis. My excitement was something I hadn’t experienced for a long time! The how to grow your penis article mentioned some pills and the instructions mentioned to take them twice a day. I took 4 of course as I wanted it so badly. I had a few side effects and after 6 weeks I realised these particular pills were not working. The question, how to grow your penis, was back on the drawing board!

The next method that presented itself was penis pumps.  I have since invested in various penis pumps to make my penis bigger. The look on the till ladies face when she first saw me was like she tried to stifle her laughter. This still makes me angry! She should not have been working in a gay sex toys store.

I still remember my joy after my first experience with penis pumps. I could see an increase in size, I also remember the disappointment when it went back to its original size. I have carried on using penis pumps, and I must admit that I believe it to be one part of the how to grow your penis questions answered. But it was not penis pumps alone that made it grow!

From a friend I heard that natural penis exercises can also grow your penis. Penis exercises like jelqing and flexing and other penis exercises had helped people gain inches to there penis size.

I quickly found the best info I could, and set to work immediately. All this was about 2 years ago and my penis size is no longer worrying me. The how to grow your penis question is answered!

That is my story on how to grow your penis. I am sure some of you have similar stories. To anyone out there who has actually read this and if you are on your own journey on how to grow your penis I would suggest looking up penis exercises, such as the ones given on Good luck and please remember that this takes time and dedication, there is no such thing as a miracle cure!

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