Swiss Navy lube *hearts* Fleshjack

It gets off to a slippery start and is latex-compatible, condom friendly, sex toy companion, flavour and fragrance free. It’s a bestseller for its trusted name in lube and the fact it is ideal for all types of anal sex play. It is the perfect companion when using my Fleshjack masturbator.

After years of using this lube and plenty of anal probing I am always overwhelmed with Swiss Navy products and would highly recommend this brand to anyone.

It’s so damn slippery and it’s lasting compared to other water-based lubes that tend to dry quickly and need reapplying more often than not. But, Swiss Navy seems to dry at a much slower rate than many I have tried. It keeps its slickness without becoming sticky or requiring more lube.

I’m lazy and I don’t like to work that hard and would rather be able to reach orgasm before the lube dries out becomes sticky and results in my hand getting stuck to my penis and I end up … well in casualty *let’s face it we’ve all been there*.

Swiss Navy is always my first choice. And you can slather this lube all over your partner’s penis and since there is no flavour you won’t mind putting his wood in your mouth. It’s great for anal sex, perfect for playing with your favourite sex toy or even a quick hand shandy. It’s so easy to clean and it doesn’t stain your sheets!

The Swiss Navy water based lubricant must have been designed with gay sex toys in mind and I always keep a bottle close at hand when using my Fleshjack masturbator or Tenga. I don’t want to sound like a preacher but I find it hard to find any problems with this lube, but one thing is for sure it has me hooked for one reason and one reason only – QUALITY.

Swiss Navy water based lubricant feels silky soft and its advanced formulation designed to provide slickness and low viscosity doesn’t irritate your skin and will even go as far as moisturizing your skin. It is easy to clean simply wash your penis with warm water.

Swiss Navy Lube is silky smooth

Swiss Navy Lube is silky smooth









Swiss Navy lube has designed a unique pump action bottle with no risk of leakages.  The pump action nozzle gives you only as much lube as you need and as a result you will not need to replace the bottle as often.

5 Reasons To Buy Swiss Navy Water Based Lube

  • It’s a best selling lube.
  • Has a super slick start for a water-based lube.
  • It’s a great water-based lube for the price.
  • You can use Swiss Navy with your Fleshjack or any other gay sex toy for that matter.
  • You won’t get stuck in a sticky situations.
Swiss Navy Water Based Lube

Swiss Navy Water Based Lube

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